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How to make a change for the future
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Include & engage

We want ordinary people to take part in important research. To make big changes, everybody has to take part, to be inspired and find their motivation. It’s all the small changes everyone can do, every day, that make the big change.

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Accept & believe

Some knowledge is hard to understand or accept. If you cant’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Letting ordinary people take a look into a microscope, viewing plankton and other life forms, surrounded my micro plastics, hopefully we can make a greater acceptance for the problem as well as a believe that we can make a difference.

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Sharing knowledge

We will not try to outperform scientists, nor do we claim that we ARE scientist in any way, but we think that the great amount of information that we gather in collaboration with our clients, may provide scientists all over the world with valuable data.

Micro plastics are everywhere!

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