14. October 2017

Be a partner

We are looking for partners all around the world!

To be a partner, you need to buy at least one FutureLab starter-kit, containing the floater, the net, the collector and a microscope.

This is available here: http://shop.futurelab.no

When you’ve got your kit, you will also get access to our user guides, our microplastic database, and of course our support service.

You may also take our online course, and a qualifying test, to be a certified FutureLab operator.

As a certified operator, you will be listed in our public database with contact information, and you may do commercial jobs, events and expeditions with paying clients.

You may also be a FutureCamp provider, to do commercial expeditions in a bigger scale. Read more about FutureCamp here: http://www.futurecamp.no