14. October 2017

How to reach EVERYONE?

The microplastic problem in the ocean is something that regards EVERYONE!

The problem are influencing every living creature on the earth, and every human may take part in saving the ocean, just by doing small changes in their everyday life, like not using disposable plastics or sorting their garbage.

To change the living of almost 8 billion people is not easy, but for a start, we have to reach EVERYONE with this message, and with some knowledge and inspiration and motivation.

Our method is based on involving a core with people that takes part in people research and thereby get a personal knowledge about the problem, and then help them to spread the word with every available method.

Sharing content on Facebook is our most efficient tool, and for everyone using the FutureLab, sharing their experience and results is only one click away.

Fresh samples from the ocean outside Risør, Norway.