14. October 2017

Our technology

Our concept is based on common technology with small adjustments and a simplified methodology that makes it easy for people without any laboratory experience, to collect samples and do a simple analysis.

We use this tools:

  • The FutureLab app
  • The collector
  • The microscope


1. Trawling

We are developing an easier way to do microplastic samples on the ocean. Our device, “the collector” will be smaller and easier to use, than the well known manta and neuston-net, and the process of moving the sample from the collector to the microscope will be simplified, to avoid contamination and other human errors.

The only thing you have to do, is to release the sample unit from the collector, and insert the samples into the microscope.

The collector has to be towed from a boat, a canoe or a kajakk, for a certain distance. The distance will be measured in the FutureLab app.

Every sample gets a unique number in the app, and when doing several samples, every sample will have a unique ID.


2. The microscope

We use small stereo microscopes with a built in camera. The user will get a great experience examining the sample, and with just a few clicks, the documentation will be saved in our database, by connecting the microscope to the users smartphone or computer and uploading the images.

Our partner in microscopy is www.denton.no

3. Counting particles

Looking at the sample through the microscope, the user count 8 different particle types, and manually insert the numbers in the FutureLab app on their smartphone.